The Academy of Self Defense began in Ridgway, Pennsylvania, at the Y.M.C.A. in 1972 where Robert Gormey was teaching the art of Kun Tao, an Indonesian fighting art. Bernard Kalinoski was the first to receive the level of shodan and became head instructor for the school. Rick DeVallance received his shodan level (black belt) from Master Kalinoski in 1978 and continued there until 1983 at which time he began a branch school in Ridgway, Pennsylvania. During this time he began his study of the art of American Kenpo under the direction of Grand Master Vea in Youngstown, Ohio.

In 1986, Rick DeVallance moved the karate school to DuBois, Pennsylvania, and instructed at the Y.M.C.A. in DuBois for eight years and then moved his school to Penn State University, DuBois Campus, where he instructed for another seven years. The increased growth in his school lead to the opening of Rick's Academy of Self Defense Karate Studio in 2001.

He presently holds the rank of tenth degree and owns and operates the area's only full-time martial arts studio teaching Kun Tao, American Kenpo, and Shotokan karate. Programs are available for kids and adults.

Rick DeVallance
Grand Master  10th. degree black belt.

Rick DeVallance

Grand Master  10th. degree black belt.